Samana, Dominican Republic

Sorry for my radio silence.  I love vacation because it gives me a time to get away from the norm, I challenge myself in a new environment and I get a chance to reflect on life.  I hate returning from vacation because within a few hours I’m feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work to be caught up and thus my radio silence.

My husband had to travel for work so I took the opportunity to also get away.  My sister, Deb, and I have been trying to take a sister trip for several years so we finally made it happen to the beautiful Dominican Republic.  I also thought it was fitting to share this vacation with her because she was the one with me this time last year when I was officially diagnosed with Devic’s (Neuromyelitis Optica).  She’s my go to #2 person after my husband for support and although we had our moments during this trip (we are sisters after all), I’m thankful that we went.

Although I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished within the last year, it was also a little bittersweet.  I think it has taken this entire time for me to finally admit that I’m more than just angry, I’m actually pissed off.  Some might say I’m being tough or a true fighter but I know myself well and this thought process is dangerous for me.  It’s hard to stay positive all the time.  I get sad sometimes.  I get frustrated.  No, this wasn’t fair.  I do the best I can everyday and I know that attitude has really made a difference but it still feels good to admit that yes, NMO sucks.

So below, please enjoy my 1 year anniversary celebratory vlog.

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Feb 2011



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