U2 concert

First off I would like to thank my Dad for giving Eric and I his tickets to go see U2. That night was such a great night for Eric and I we have not had a date night in long time. We first went to dinner downtown to a fabulous restaurant called Vesta Dipping grill where you pick a protein and choose up to 3 different sauces to go with it. They probably have 30 different sauces to choose from, the food is excellent I highly recommend going there if you ever come to Denver.  After dinner we drove to the concert and just had a blast The Fray opened up for U2 they sounded very good. I was so impressed with U2 for how much they moved around and got the crowd going for over 2 hours. Truly they are one of the greatest rock bands ever!

Jun 2011


  1. john

    Hey, we went to that concert in Houston.
    Funny story… I bought a whole load of tickets hoping that it would be sold out and I could flip it for a nice profit. I lost a couple hundred bucks, had to sell them for half the cost to make some money back.

    But, an amazing concert.

    Comment by john on June 2, 2011 at 3:28 am

  2. Watching (er, listening to) this video made me reminisce about the concert. They are so awesome. Too bad their latest album wasn’t that great. I would give my left foot to see them again. And both feet to meet Bono and the Edge. I had this fantasy that John would propose to me at a U2 concert while I was onstage with Bono crooning to me.

    Comment by Christine on June 7, 2011 at 6:24 pm

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