Consortium for MS Centers

I was thrilled to be invited by The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation to help out at the Consortium for MS Centers this year.  The Consortium, which was celebrating their 25th anniversary, was held in Montreal, Canada.  My task: attend the conference, work the trade booth, and create awareness about NMO (NeuroMyelitis Optica).  A quick 40 minute flight from Toronto, this was a rewarding experience.

2 worthwhile things I learned:

  • I met a Physical Therapist who worked with an NMO patient suffering from frequent and crippling spasms (I remember them – they were horrible!).  Their treatment plan consisted of Botox injections into the heels of feet to interrupt the signals triggering the spasms.
  • “Patient Activation” was a term a MS patient used when she described managing her disease.  We aren’t always motivated to do something, like workout, but if we just do it (patient activation) we’ll find that within a few moments of the activity we find the motivation and can accomplish the task.

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  1. Way to represent, Jenna!

    Comment by Christine on June 15, 2011 at 5:29 pm

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