Moving to our new home

Moving is hell.  No matter how well you think you’ve planned and prepared, no matter how organized you think you are – something will go wrong.  Or several things.

Living with Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) though has taught me how to go with the flow.

We  had decided a couple years ago that we would need to move and acquire a little more space.  When I had my first unexpected Transverse Myelitis (TM) attack we had to put that plan on hold.  Financially we took a hit when my contribution to the household was eliminated and emotionally we needed the time to heal and learn how to manage our new challenges.  It took us a little longer but it’s true – good things are worth waiting for.

House hunting can be fun when you start thinking about all of the possibilities but bidding wars are stressful and exhausting.  On moving day I hired 3 men and a truck but only 2 showed up when one of them went home sick.  Then, only one of the movers was actually hard working so it very quickly became a long and tedious process. (My poor husband moved half the house himself, which was obviously not the plan.) That’s when the adrenaline/desperation/motivation/anger kicks in and I started to help out but it was also when my frustration/anger/pain happens because of my NMO limitations.  Sometimes my NMO makes me feel really helpless especially during moments when I could definitely be of help.  And my NMO angers me because I did everything I could in advance to try and avoid feeling that way.

So, I worked through it, helped where I could, and focused on the end result, which is a new home for my family.  Some pros about our new house:

-More space including a guest room when I’m needing a friend/family member to stay with me (then I can get the extra help when I need it!)
-The peaceful koi pond in our backyard to help me sleep better
-The jacuzzi tub that will help with my back pain (this is a huge deal because the old house didn’t actually have a tub at all!)
-Bathrooms on every floor so I have quick access when I’m having bladder issues
-And of course, all the shopping I get to do to furnish it!

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  1. hi jenna,
    good post, thanks for sharing
    your new home sounds lovely.
    thanks for visiting my blog,good to meet you.

    Comment by herrad on September 12, 2011 at 8:03 pm

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