Critter Cam

About a year ago my neighbor called me one afternoon to come over to her house and she wanted to show me something.  When I got over there we went into their home office and she pulled up some videos up on her computer screen of wildlife they recorded in their backyard with a device called the “Critter Cam”.  I was shocked to see what was going on in their backyard after the sun went down. I asked her where she purchased the camera and went home and ordered one right away from Cabela’s.  Just to let you in where I live, I live about an hour from Denver in the mountains. My house backs up to a marsh area and back behind the marsh is the national forest area.  So time-to-time in the daylight I get to see wildlife, but I always wondered at night what was in my backyard that could see me but I could not see them or it. Once I received the critter cam I put it in several different areas in my backyard to see where I would get the most action video footage. I found one great spot that always gets some great footage; these videos are from this spring and fall. The camera is motioned censored and can record videos up to a minute long or you can have it take pictures. Some of the videos are a little dark since it does not have a big flash on the camera.  I highly recommend getting one if you would like to see what happens in your backyard when you are not around.


Oct 2011

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