23 Weeks

Pregnancy update 23 weeks

As I start my six-month of pregnancy I can share some of my adventures of being pregnant.  The first time I felt the baby move was September 30th while I was doing Pilates. Everyone kept telling me the first time I would feel him move it was going to feel like butterflies in my stomach and it’s a magical feeling.  Not so much he decided to kick me in my upper ribs and it did not feel so magical. Yes I know for sure he is a boy he likes to kick me hard a lot and he is not so nice about it.  Eric keeps telling me I need to fight back when I figure that out I am sure I could make a lot of money selling my idea to other pregnant women.  It is getting harder to sleep now that I am starting to get the pregnant belly and also trying to get comfortable in my bed. I was not prepared for the lack of sleep already I thought that would not start till I was seven months. Nope it started last week, my pregnancy pillow helps somewhat but now I added a few squishy pillows under my belly for better support.  The other fun thing I started experiencing at night is waking up in the middle of night dying of thirst.  When this happens I always feel like Kirstie Alley in “Look Who is Talking” when she chugs a gallon of apple juice in a few minutes.


My last doctor check up for the baby they warned me here in a few weeks I might start feeling contractions here and there. I was surprised once again that they would start this early but they assured me they should not be that painful.  The checkup went fine and baby boy Miller is doing well. After the doctor appointment Eric and I went to register at Babies “R” Us, what an interesting day that was! I have been there before to get gifts for friends for their shower but I was in and out.  Yeah not so much this time it took about three and half hours to pick everything out.  The most traumatizing part was the bottle aisle. I had no idea there was so many different kinds and you need to change the nipple as the baby grows. I kept asking myself “really?”  They don’t tell you these things in some of the books I have read. Needless to say we are all done registering at “Babies”R” Us and at Target.  When we were all done Eric said to me “Where are we going to put all this stuff.”  Thank goodness we are blessed and have a good size house.


The next exciting adventure getting ready for baby is I start birthing classes the middle of November till the middle of December. Also we need to clear out the guest bedroom and start painting for the nursery. I am really excited to start the nursery I went with the theme Noah’s Ark.


Some of my NMO symptoms are getting a little stronger such as the pins and needles feeling. I think it started bothering me since winter has come to Frisco and the temperature is cold and it also started to snow. Other then that I have been doing pretty good. My next ultrasound is in a month:)


Oct 2011

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  1. Lori

    Hi Erin,

    I just found this site today, so I am just figuring out how to use it. I think I commented on an earlier post……..Before I found your October update.
    Congrats on your bundle of joy! I hope the pins and needles are the worst of your symptoms.

    I am 29 and very nervous about becoming pregnant and have been consulting and consulting. I was diagnosed with NMO in Sept 2010. I have a hesitant neurologist which makes the decisions a little more difficult.

    – Do you mind me asking, what were the steps that you took before trying to get pregnant???
    – The questions you asked??
    – Did you have present symptoms when trying pregnant??
    – Any advice??

    Comment by Lori on November 29, 2011 at 6:37 pm

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