Dangerous Diagnosis

Last year at Patient Day was the first time I didn’t feel so alone living with this disease, Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO).  My husband, Mike, has been by my side every moment of this disease and for every way it has affected my life, it has also affected his.  Mike was also very inspired and refreshed that as a couple, we were not going through this alone.  I’m so very blessed that we met Christine and John, and Erin and Eric as well. 

Mike works as a national news reporter here in Canada with Global TV.  Almost every night on the dinner news (called Global National), my husband tells a story that affects Canadians.  Global also has a current affairs show called 16×9 The Bigger Picture.  After learning so much information on NMO at Patient Day last year, Mike pitched a story to his producers and I’m very pleased to showcase his work here on NMO Diaries. 

16×9 The Bigger Picture


On a personal note, while Mike worked on this piece I really struggled throughout his process.  When you’re married to a reporter, it’s a strange day when your life becomes the news.  I’m obviously very protective over how NMO is perceived because unfortunately, sometimes it is how I am identified.  In the end, I can’t even express how proud I am of him and his work, I’m incredibly touched by his efforts and I’m thrilled that we’re trying to do our part to educate our country about NMO.

Nov 2011



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