2011 Patient Day

2011 Patient day

This was my second year attending the conference; I really enjoyed my first year meeting other patients with NMO. I was a little nervous going this year since I was the first patient to go through invitro and I know some doctors wanted to talk to me about my pregnancy so far and how well I tolerated the invitro process. I was very happy to talk about my experience and hope it will help other patients who hope to have a baby some day. The also great part of patient day this year was my invitro doctor flew out there as well and sat on the panel for patients to ask questions. I was just so thrilled she wanted to come and be a part of that day and help other patients. After talking to a lot of the doctors they asked if I would donate the placenta and umbilical cord for research? Yes I am going to defiantly do that we are currently working on all consent forms. Hopefully that will help with some of the NMO research that is going on.

I really enjoyed how the expanded the time for patients to ask questions to the doctors. Since I know there are some patients out there that do not get to see some of the top NMO doctors in the world, I think that was a huge success this year. The breakout sessions on different topics was a nice change and you got to pick what topic interested you to learn more information about. I heard from a lot of the patients really enjoyed the nutrient and diet session. I know from reading on the support group a lot of patients are cautious what they eat since some foods aggravate our symptoms.

Patient day 2011 was a great day just to be in a room with so many people that understand what you are going through and to remind yourself you are not alone in this disease. Also for other care givers to talk to each other and understand what it is like to watch the one they love battle this disease. That night when we all had to say goodnight I got really emotional and cried like a baby. Knowing we are leaving the next day to go back home. I look forward every year to patient day and can not wait till patient day 2012 where I will be happy to show of my new addition to my NMO family!

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