8 Months and Starting To Get Nervous

As of today I am 32 weeks and 4 days. Which means I just approached my 8 month and sliding into the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Time really started to go fast once I was in my second trimester I was feeling great and never had so much energy and the NMO was pretty much none existent. I had the pregnancy glow and was thinking being pregnant is not so bad. When the third trimester started I noticed a few things were slowly coming back from the first trimester for example nausea, fatigue and going to the bathroom every fifteen minutes. Trying to figure out how to deal with these issues again I found a few things to help me out. Acupuncture has been a life safer for me I go every other week and she listens to me complain about all my aches and pains, she works her magic and I am good for a while. Pilates is another thing that has help me through out the pregnancy I went for an hour three times a week just recently I had to drop down to forty five minutes twice a week. Also with Pilates it has been helping me getting ready for labor, which means working my pelvic floor. Also with Pilates is great to teach you how to breath correctly and especially when you are in pain.

For five weeks I took a birthing class to see what that was all about and if I would learn anything new besides reading it from all my pregnancy books. Yeah not so much! What I learned is everything is up to the mom, whatever she wants to do to make her more comfortable. They don’t have the husband’s coach anymore while you are in labor the nurse or the doctor will be doing that. I have given Eric strict orders he is not allowed to look down in the southern region. A piece of advice one of the nurse’s who taught the class said to us is try to just have your husband in the room with you when you are delivering. When the baby finally arrives try to spend at least an hour just you three in the room take that special time to bond. Cause when you start letting people in the room it never stops! You can never get that moment back when your baby arrives into this world. So that’s my plan as of right now I just want Eric in there with me when it comes time for me to push.

Update on the fun stuff for the baby. We received his stroller and car seat shortly after Thanksgiving thanks to my Mother-in-Law for getting that for us. It was not till middle of December baby Miller started to really get things delivered to the house. He has received outfits, blankets, bottles and miscellaneous things. We have picked out a color for the nursery and Eric will be painting that this week. My chore this week is to pack my bag for the hospital as well as his diaper bag. Yes Eric and I are still a little shocked how fast the time has gone by. I am ready to meet our son but not ready for labor and delivery.

Dec 2011

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    doing this in a hospital is truly insane

    Comment by jj on January 12, 2017 at 6:34 pm

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