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Most of you probably don’t know yet but we’re really excited to announce that our very own Christine Ha will be making her TV debut on Season 3 of MasterChef this year!  Unfortunately she can’t tell us much more than that (like if she’s a finalist, how far she got in the competition, etc) but we’re grateful and super appreciative that she was given the opportunity.  A real foodie, Christine has her personal blog, The Blind Cook and also writes for the Houston paper.  Just having her on TV gets a little more attention to Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO).

For a preview of this season of MasterChef, go here (unfortunately this clip doesn’t work outside of the US):



We’re super proud of you Christine!

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  1. Candice Reyna

    I have been rooting for you on MC from the begining! I didn’t know that your blindness was caused by NMO. I was blind in both eyes for about 2 weeks (longer in my right eye) last year and I’m thankful every day that my sight has returned (mostly). I have not gotten a positive diagnosis of NMO, I was told that the blindness was either caused by that or MS, but they couldn’t say for sure until I had other symptoms… Anyways, good luck to you! You’re doing fabulous on the show so far!

    Comment by Candice Reyna on August 9, 2012 at 9:07 pm

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