GUEST BLOG: Purple Tramble

My name is Sharmaine “Purple” Tramble but known to many as “Purple.” Currently I reside in Seattle, Washington along with my sister. I went to school at Howard University where I received a BA in Film Production. I recently moved back to Seattle to be with my sister who has been battling a rare disease known as “NMO Neuromyelitis Optica” or “Devic’s disease” for 16 years now. I have seen her faith tested time and time again. She is now 31 and still in and out of the hospital yet we still believe that she shall live and be healed. My sis, my family and I are firm believers. She still thinks of others even in her time of despair. My passion comes from deep within because I want the world to become aware of this rare disease that has stolen years from my sister’s life. It is very painful to see her go through these moments, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and years in a constant battle for her life. It really has changed me for the better and I believe that her story, her faith, her struggle has helped to encourage the lives of all those she has come in contact with. Every hospital, every nurse, every doctor and even other patient’s visitors have all said that they love her. The simple things are all we all want after all… to be comfortable… that is all that we are working for… time to spend just doing simple things. I cherish every moment spent with my sister because I understand that is what I live for. It is an honor to be there for her and to make sure that she is comfortable because I know that she would do the same for me. That’s what sister’s are for.

She was diagnosed when she was 15 years old with Multiple Sclerosis but a year or two ago the doctors found that it was not MS but NMO that was attacking her body. My sister, my family and I are both very happy to venture on this journey to fight for the cure for this rare disease. Please be advised that our journey is not one that is accepting of the prognosis from the doctors but we believe as we go forth in faith, healing not only for my sister but for many others will manifest.

I recently became an Official NMO Advocate joining with The Guthy-Jackson Foundation’s fight for the cure. Neuromyelitis Optica is said to be very similar to MS (Multiple Sclerosis), which has led to numerous misdiagnosis. This was the case for my sister as well. Through this experience my sister and my family’s faith has been tested and tried.

Daughter of Michael and Robin Tramble who are believers and musicians, my sister is also a vocalist and has been singing since she was 5 years old. My prayer is that one day she will be able to sing again. Her story is one of many but ONE that with the help of many will be heard. Caring for my sister has inspired me to start non-profit – Purple Hearts – which focuses on providing education to the community, nation and the world about NMO (Neuromyelitis Optica), MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Autism and Mental Illness. Together along with my video production company “Purple Reels Productions” soon the community, nation and the world will know my sister’s story.

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