Thanks for your donations!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your love and support from all over the world. Two months ago, we launched a campaign to sell #TeamChristine t-shirts to raise money to donate to the GuthyJacksonFoundation which funds NMO research. And I’m happy to say that we’ve raised over $2,000+ from those t-shirt sales. I can’t personally thank all of you enough.

As a little thank you, I wanted you to have this little video showing me personally donating the money and also thanking all of you.

And that’s it everyone! We’ve just donated $2,175 to the for NMO research. Thank you so much. And remember if you want to donate directly, you can go to their website at

Special thanks to Nom Nom Friends ( for setting up the online store to sell the #TeamChristine shirts. Show your support by visiting their facebook page at

And don’t forget to check out my blog post on my recent trip to New York City (part 2).

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