Fall 2012

I love the fall. People dress more appropriate. In the summer one might run the risk of running into someone who should wear a little more clothing. In the winter, people tend to stick to dark colours and are wrapped up like mummies. In the spring people sometimes push the limits in anticipation of the upcoming warm weather. The fall is the perfect in between. It is also my favourite season because of all the fun activities. As a new Mom, I’ve traded in my usual networking events for more family friendly events.

Nuit Blanche

An all night event (that’s right – I said ALL. NIGHT.), Nuit Blanche is an art movement. Either commissioned or an independently funded and submitted project, the downtown core of Toronto turns into a pedestrian walkway with exhibits displayed throughout. We took Sophie out in her stroller (she slept through most of it) but were disappointed by how many teenagers were out drinking. In past years I don’t recall the drunken behaviour. There were also long lines to see each exhibit but it was nice to get out.


Only in Canada do we protest by eating soup! 200 renowned chefs created a signature soup and served it up in a local park in protest to the development of a mega quarry. My favourite had to be the Hot and Sour soup by Susur Lee.

Canadian Thanksgiving

I know, all of the Americans reading this are confused. Why do Canadians have their Thanksgiving in October? Does it mean they start shopping for Christmas earlier than us? I don’t know the answer to either of those questions (I shop year round). This year we hosted Thanksgiving for selfish reasons. It was easier to pig out and already be in the comfort of our home with our newborn. Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday since turkey, mashed potatoes, corn and a disgusting amount of gravy would be my last meal if I got to choose. Of course, hosting has its stress but managing my Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) adds that extra element of surprise because I never know how I’ll feel the day of.


I like dressing my dog in appropriate attire. In the winter he wears jackets, sweaters and vests. In the summer he has his own life jacket for the cottage. At Halloween we order his costume online months in advance. This year is extra fun because I could also dress up Sophie and as a family we answered the door to hand out candy.


  1. LaDana Gaddis

    Hi Jenna. Hope you are doing well. Cute kids! I am a boxer parent and like bull dogs too.

    Comment by LaDana Gaddis on November 12, 2012 at 7:42 am

  2. Jenna

    Hi LaDana,

    Thx for your message. Marmaduke, our pug, is definitely one of our kids.


    Comment by Jenna on November 12, 2012 at 2:33 pm

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