Erin wins her disability support case

There’s been a lot of conversation lately from several patients who have been seeking support, guidance and prayers as they apply for Disability Support. We know every state has different rules and laws governing who qualifies and we’re by no means experts but what we can do is sympathize with those patients who are struggling to be approved. The reality is, every case of NMO is different, which is why some patients are able to work, others like Christine and I (Jenna) have been able to modify our work environments or work for ourselves, and others like Erin, have a more difficult time with their symptoms and aren’t able to work at all. Erin recently won her case for Disability Support so I asked her a few questions about her experience:

1. Why did you make the decision to apply for Disability Support?
When my family sold the hotel we ran in Frisco the new owners were unable to accommodate my needs. I tried to find other work but with the number of doctor appointments Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) patients have and days when our symptoms become a challenge I couldn’t find employment.

2. Why was it denied?
I’m not sure. I applied in May 2011 and in February 2012 I received a letter that it was denied.

3. After it was denied what were your options as a next step?
Our only option was to find a great disability lawyer, which we found in March 2012.

4. I imagine you were quite disappointed with the decision for it to be denied. What did you do to manage your stress and NMO symptoms?
I was very stressed! I just had Allen so like any Mom will tell you, that’s an adjustment on its own. My NMO symptoms had also come back with a vengeance after my pregnancy so I was spending a lot of time with my doctors to manage medications that would control my pain.

5. What was the appeal process and how long did it take?
It took me over 2 years from start to finish. I attended an appeals hearing in November where I submitted over 700 pages of documentation to the judge. Over an hour, the judge and occupational expert asked a lot of tough questions, which was very nerve racking! After the hearing the judge requested more documentation and would make a decision in 60 days. I was finally approved the end of January this year.

6. Obviously filing for Disability Support and filing an appeal are costly burdens on you and your family. How did it impact you financially?
Colorado has it written in their laws that should one win their disability support case then any outstanding amounts (ie. Legal expenses) are taken immediately from the back pay. That meant for my family the only out of pocket expenses we had was when my lawyer requested medical records I had to get from my doctors or the hospital.

7. I’m glad to hear you rightfully won your appeal. Tell our readers how that felt after it was all done.
It’s a huge relief off my shoulders. Now I don’t feel that our family will solely rely on just Eric’s income alone anymore. Unfortunately, there is also a part of me that is quite sad that I’m not able to work. I love what I used to do, which was working in the restaurant and hotel business since I was fifteen. I even went to college for culinary arts and food service management. It’s one chapter of my life I’ve now had to close although I’m very grateful my disability support was approved and I no longer have to worry about how I am going to work while managing this disease.

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