Jenna’s trip to Mexico (2014)

We’ve just returned from a beautiful family trip in Mexico again. I love Mexico because of the calmness, the air, the kind hearted people and of course, the warm weather. We once again stayed at a Karisma property, which we were introduced to several years ago when we were planning our wedding. We were scheduled to be married in Jan. 2010 at one of their adults only properties but had to cancel in Sept. 2009 when I became really sick with neuromyelitis optica (although at the time we thought it was just transverse myelitis).

At this Karisma property it is a family resort but they still offer the same caliber of wedding we had once hoped for. Now I have to say that we had a beautiful day in July 2010 here in Toronto but geez, for the entire week every time I saw another bride go all teary eyed down the beach I got a little angry. I’ll be the first to say that I’m ridiculously happy – I have a wonderful marriage and the most amazing little girl as a product of that – but this was the first time I felt such rage at NMO for robbing me of something. For the last 4.5 years I’ve just dealt with this stupid disease always saying ‘this too will pass’ but I dunno, I think I’ll always be angry at NMO for taking away my beach wedding.

For those of you with NMO wondering what flying is like, I’ll tell you that it’s less fun for me now than it used to be. Even though we use the stroller friendly/handicap line through the security checkpoints, the airport feels like you’ve run through a gauntlet. I find sitting still for extended periods of time painful and within the hour my spine swells, the pins and needles return in full force of all extremities and I can always count on an eye ache. The worst part is having to suffer in silence because once you take off there’s really nothing one can do except pray, try to sleep and/or drown myself in the horrible inflight movie. There are things I do to minimize the flying experience. The day before and after the flight I reserve for sleeping/resting. I stay hydrated and take a pain killer before I board. During the flight I get up and head to the bathroom to wash my face, which I find helps keep me calm. And I remember the destination is either a happy place or home, sweet, home.

Sophie truly enjoyed playing in the sand and experiencing new cuisine like guacamole and beach BBQ paella. I absolutely loved the sunshine. It’s been so dreary and cold in Toronto for so long that I had missed the fresh air and the vitamin D. Within a day I felt rejuvenated, more rested and the exercise of swimming, walking and smiling almost made me forget I have NMO.





  1. I love that you still continue to travel despite the difficulties… surely a sign of how you’ve adapted your life to include your passions despite the disease.

    I too would be bitter about the missed wedding opps… but hey! …does this mean a big anniversary celebration in the very near future 😉 Vow renewals are just as grand an affair you know!

    Comment by YashY on May 12, 2014 at 5:15 pm

  2. Jenna

    10 year wedding vows renewal. I’m hoping for Bora Bora. Wink wink.

    Comment by Jenna on May 13, 2014 at 6:27 pm

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