I’d love for you to meet my selfless sister, Lisa

My sister in law, Lisa, recently bought me these very cool grips by Props Athletics. Really meant for weight lifting, yoga or any sport that requires better grip, these fingerless gloves are my new best friend because they also help on days where Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) has robbed me of any decent dexterity.

Although I fully endorse these gloves that’s not what this entry is about.

This is Lisa, her step daughter ┬áNatalie and I last week during Sophie’s 2nd birthday party.


Lisa is a loyal NMO Diaries reader and after my last entry described how the heat causes symptoms like the lack of mug gripping ability, she surprised me with these gloves. She didn’t make a big deal about it, she didn’t look for excessive gratitude for her thoughtfulness and she didn’t tell everyone. She just nonchalantly gave them to me just because. I was seriously stunned by her kindness that I think I was rather cold about them otherwise I’d have been an emotional wreck. I love my sister Lisa more than I think I’ll ever be able to tell her.

I know as an NMO patient it can be easy to point out how those close to us don’t understand what it’s really like to live with the disease. I’m certainly guilty of that behaviour. And truth be told they never will so it’s easy to get frustrated. But then I also know that there are folks that step up to the plate to support us and it’s usually the ones we least expect. That’s why I want to acknowledge Lisa and all those other faces who make an effort to TRY to understand.

I don’t make my family and friends read this blog (I’m bad at self promotion) but Lisa does without me asking. And I’d never expect her to go out of her way to think of something so thoughtful afterwards. I am after all, married to her bratty younger brother (4 years last week) and I would never have imagined I’d be so lucky to also get a kick ass sister out of the deal.

So do me a favour everyone – please thank that selfless person or people in your life that stand by us, fight this disease and continue to support us. Oh and Lisa, I know you’re reading this so thank you.

Aug 2014



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  1. I also have a Lisa in my life. She is not a sister by blood, but well and truely the closest thing I have to a sister. SHe is my rock and has been there for me over the last 15 years no matter what. I adore her.

    All hail the mighty Lisas!!

    Comment by Lelainia Lloyd on August 4, 2014 at 7:32 pm

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