Countdown to baby girl Miller

I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and the countdown has begun. I have been very lucky with my NMO with this pregnancy I have not had any problems with my NMO. It went into remission as soon as I got pregnant. Its amazing how your body can change so quickly from having horrible every day symptoms to your body acting like you never been diagnosed with the disease. It is a bitter sweet feeling telling myself “Oh this is what my body use to feel like.” It also makes me want to feel like this forever not having all that nerve pain and taking a ton pf pills everyday. Oh can’t forget doing Chemotherapy every 6 months that was nice vacation from that as well.


I am trying to enjoy my last few weeks being pregnant but as every woman who has been down this road knows. It is very exhausting and very uncomfortable at this point. Not to mention chasing after Allen every day and trying to get him to understand his baby sister is coming soon. I remember being pregnant with Allen was a piece of cake I could nap any time I wanted and just hang. Nope not this time Allen is making sure I stay busy! Eric has been a trooper the last few weeks, as he knows I just can’t keep up with everything.


I mostly have her nursery done there is just a few things I need to hang on the wall. My bag and her bag are packed for the hospital the car seat is ready to go. I have been staying home and just spending time with Allen, which has been nice. Since I know at any moment she can decide to come into this world. Plus I am terrified of my water breaking in public. Since that did happen when I was pregnant with Allen in the parking lot of Babiesrus, thank goodness it was outside cause that would have left a mess.


My doctor appointment yesterday went well she is doing well and everything is normal. I am having contractions but nothing constant. I have noticed they are stronger since this is my second time. I am still going to try to breast feed for 6 months instead of doing Rituxan right after labor. So I am crossing my fingers it will all work out. Of coarse all of my doctors will be watching me very closely making sure I will be ok. Stay tuned to see when she will make her entrance into this world.

Mar 2015



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