Getting back to the regular schedule program

At the beginning of July I got news from my neurologist my CD 19 count is not absolute anymore and I need to schedule my Rituxan. I was really hoping to make it to September to breastfeed Alana but I had to give it up when I had to do Rituxan. I do feel very lucky I have gone over a year since I had my last Rituxan infusion. Since it has been that long I had to two different rounds two weeks apart. So I had the fun battle of drying up my milk and the aftermath of Rituxan. I had people come and help me with the kids for several days so I could recover. I was not hard on myself about not being able to breastfeed anymore since I struggled with producing enough milk for Alana. Also had to look at it as I would rather get treatment and be here for my children rather risking having a horrible attack.

Now that I am done doing my Rituxan I am back on my strict diet staying away from foods that cause inflammation in my body and eating healthier. Also started working out with my personal trainer three times a week. It is so hard getting back into the program of eating healthy and working out. I have a goal of losing 50 more pounds in the next several months. I know I can do it, I really need to focus and dedicate myself to the diet and workout sessions. I lost over 60 pounds before I became pregnant with Alana so I know I can do it! I think the hardest part is the diet and staying away from all the sweet stuff, dairy, and gluten. I forgot how many things have gluten and dairy in it. Eric grew a garden this year so right now we are getting a lot of homegrown vegetables. It is so fun to take Allen down to the garden to pick vegetables. I will keep everyone posted how I am doing back on the program.

I want to stay healthy as much as I can for my kids. With two kids to take care and taking care the household work it is sometimes very overwhelming. I always ask myself “ How do people have more then two kids?” It is pure chaos at my house sometimes with two kids needing my help. I am working really hard to get the kids on the same nap schedule so I can have some time to myself and try to get more things done. So far I am not having any luck. Allen is getting to that stage where he does not want to take naps anymore and Alana only takes a really good nap in the morning and then cat naps in the afternoon.

I have also learned with two kids I can only run about 3 errands maximum before one of my kid’s starts having a complete meltdown. The days seem to fly by for the most part since I am so busy. I am so fortunate to be able to stay home with my kids and watch them grow everyday and How Allen is really starting to love his sister and loves to play with her. Watching my kid’s interact with each other is so much fun! It really melts my heart when Allen tells his sister he loves her and gives her a kiss. Alana really loves her brother she laughs at him all the time and just will watch him across the room. I hope they have a close relationship. I just love my family and we are enjoying our summer with each other!

Aug 2015



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  1. shona

    hello Erin
    This is shona…
    I m suffering from nmo from 3 years…
    may I know is there any test to find out that the antibodies level is rising??
    what is this CD count??My doctors didnt tell me anything about these type of test.How your doctors determine that you should stop feeding your baby and start rituxan again??

    Comment by shona on August 17, 2015 at 11:08 am

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