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My day with NMO and 2 kids

I get asked quite a few times how do I manage my NMO and two kids. Without a doubt it can be very challenging at times especially taking two kids to doctor appointment.Some times I will get lucky and will have some one watch the kids while I go see doctors. As we all can relate to having NMO we have a bunch of doctors we have to go see and check in with.
Most of the time I show up to the doctors office with both kids and wish for the best. I am lucky all of my doctors really enjoy my kids and will have a nurse come help watch the kiddos while the doctors are talking with me and running tests. My Neurologist office if I come during lunch time the nurses will take my kids and feed them for me back in their break room.
I thought it would be fun to write out how my schedule is with kids.

6:45 Alana wakes me up to feed her
7:00 Start feeding Alana
7:30 Allen is awake and wants his OJ.
7:45 I get to make my cup of coffee and try to eat something for myself
8:00 Allen wants me to cook him eggs and toast
8:30 I am wrangling the kids up into my bedroom so I can take a shower and get ready.
9:30 Packing up the kids to get to a doctors appointment and load them in the car.
10:00 Arrive at a doctors appointment and hope the doctor is not running too late. Feed Alana again
11:00-11:30 I am hopefully done with doctor and checking out and scheduling for my next visit.
12:00 Back home unloading kids and start making lunch for Allen and myself
12:30 Allen and I are eating lunch
1:00 Cleaning up the kitchen and making phone calls to people
1:30 picking up the house and telling Allen its almost time for a nap
2:00 Allen’s nap time, tuck. I hand off the kids to him so I can him into his bed. Also time to feed Alana
2:30 Misc stuff that needs to get done around the house
3:30 I try to come up with some ideas what to cook for dinner and try to keep Alana entertained
4:00 Allen wakes up from his nap and wants a snack
4:30 Eric comes home from work. I hand off the kids to him so I can cook dinner
6:00 We sit down for dinner
6:45 clean up the mess from dinner and time to Feed Alana
7:15 Eric and I play with the kids together as a family
7:45 Allen and Eric take showers.I get Allen in his PJ’s
8:00 I get both kids bedrooms ready for bedtime
8:15 I get Alana ready for bed
8:30 Feed Alana her last bottle for the night
8:45 Get both kids room for bed time. Eric finishes feeding Alana
9:00 Tuck Alana into bed. Read Allen a book and tuck him into bed
9:30-10:30 Make sure both kids are a sleep before I can go to sleep.

That’s my day folks!

Sep 2015



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  1. When our kids were babies we would turn on Sesame Street to keep them entertained for about one hour daily. It was a nice break. Now, I watch Spongebob with my grandkids while they do creative things like drawing, writing, and puppet shows. That hypnotizes them a little too much. I’m sure my wife feels your pain.

    Comment by James on September 16, 2015 at 6:48 pm

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