The Wild Animal Sanctuary

An hour east of Denver there is a place called The Wild Animal Sanctuary in a town called Keenesburg. It’s a 720 acre facility that rescues large carnivores that were peoples pets and no longer could take care of them or Zoos that have been shut down and places that were abusing them and not taking good care of them. They have a very cool way to see the animals you actually walk across a walk away that is above the animals that is more then a mile long. Each animal habitat is several acres that the animals can roam freely around. It is actually quite amazing what this facility has done for the animals. They have 55 Tigers, 73 African Loins, 110 Black bears, 43 Grizzle bears, 26 wolves, 6 leopards, 17 Mountain loins, 7 Lynx, and 9 Bobcats. It was very nice to see the animals being able to have so much area to roam around in and very neat things to play with. We had such a great time that we actually bought a yearly membership so we can go as many times as we like. One of the volunteers told us the best times to come and that really you should come different times of the year. The Summer time the bears are more active while the Cats are less active. In the winter the Big cats love the colder temperatures and the bears of coarse will be hibernating.   I highly recommend going there if you live in Colorado or coming here to visit. Below is there website information also some pictures I took to of our day there.


IMG_9035 IMG_9033 IMG_9032 IMG_9026 IMG_9025 IMG_9023 IMG_9021 IMG_9015


Nov 2015



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