Do we share similar personality traits?

I am a really intense person. This is not a statement I am proud of but I do consider it a brave omission (because let’s be honest, being called intense is never a compliment). I even have a permanent frown wrinkle in my brow to prove it.

As I write this, we are on our family vacation in Mexico. This is a trip I’ve looked forward to for a really long time because, prepare to laugh folks, but my regular day to day is intense. Between the responsibility of raising a pre-schooler, a company, managing my disastrous health and my inability to go to bed until everything is just where it should be, I found myself counting down the days (yup, there’s an app for that).

In past vacations I’ve found ways to get to that blissful state of unwind rather quickly. Yet here I am, completely unable to just relax. Sure, the weather hasn’t been the greatest and the hotel really messed up our reservation, but what is wrong with me??!! I’M IN FREAKIN’ MEXICO.

I’m convinced there is a direct correlation between personality and neurological disorders like neuromyelitis optica (NMO). At the various Patient Days I’ve been surprised how many individuals have similar personalities. Even though we’re from different walks of life, ethnic backgrounds and parts of the country, there are certain commonalities. I’ve yet to meet another patient who wasn’t passionate – about the people in their lives, their work and/or making a difference – who can’t talk your ear off if they wanted to, and dare I say it, has an intense personality.

Maybe intense is the wrong word. Maybe strong or direct or focused are better words. Or just maybe if intense is synonymous with these other words it isn’t such a bad thing.

And so you all don’t think I’m always insufferable to be around here now I leave you with a few photos of our trip.




Nov 2015



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