Happy 4th Birthday Allen

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Allen just celebrated his 4th birthday and I can’t be how blessed I am. When I was first diagnosed with NMO in 2009. It was a huge question if I would be able to have kids. After having three bad attacks it was hard to see having child. After meeting with two NMO doctors we got the green light to have Kids. When we started the IVF process in 2011 I knew it was going to be a journey to have a baby. When Allen was born in 2012 I couldn’t believe I did it! Despite having a very terrifying disease and all I went through I got to a very healthy baby boy.

Allen was such a good baby always happy and just had the most adorable grin. When he turned one year old I could believe how fast it went by. As a first time mom it’s hard sometimes to enjoy every moment, because you don’t really understand how fast it goes by. Allen loved cars since he was a baby but when turned one it was different game. He wanted to drive them, wash them and park them. When he turned two my mom got him a Mickey car he could sit on and push with his feet. To this day he still plays with that car. That’s his favorite car to play within side the house. He loves to go outside and drive his power wheels around the back of the house. He recently gave Alana a ride in his mustang and she was smiling ear to ear. Alana just adores her big brother Allen teacher her about cars and how to drag race. He is in heaven right now drag racing has started and he love to watch John Force. He can’t wait till the drag strip opens up for the summer. Luckily it’s 10 mins from our house. We spend a lot of time up there in the summer. I am pretty sure Allen would sleep up all summer if I let him. He is super excited cause only one more year then he is allowed to do Jr. Dragster. I am hoping I will do ok letting him race. Thankfully I am into cars and love the drag strip too.

Allen had his 4th birthday party at Jumpstreet and had a ball! That’s were he wanted to have it and he wanted the theme to be Jurassic park. He helped me pick out all the decorations to how he wanted his cake. This was the first year he made the decision where he wanted it and what the theme would be. For a week before his birthday he was telling everyone it was his birthday! Like every kid he was sad his birthday came to an end.

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  1. holly

    Hi – I am reading through all of these comments and everyone is having dinners, traveling, working, etc. I can’t hold my neck up past 6pm and traveling is out of the question. Just being a passenger in the car for my 5 hour car trip to and from Shands is exhausting and throws me into a flare. I’m happy everyone is living normal lives but I am also confused as to how everyone is living such normal lives.

    Comment by holly on March 7, 2016 at 6:09 pm

  2. Christine

    We completely understand where you’re coming from. Each of us have been in a sstuation similar to yours before. I, myself, used to have flare-up after flare-up that rendered mye blind and paralyzed from the neck down. I had to leave my previous job in the corporate world. I could not leave the house without getting exhausted. That was 10 years ago. Since then, my doctors and I have found a treatment plan that has helped me stabilize my NMO, and I’m fortunate and blessed to have been attack-free for over 6 years now. Everyone’s lives are different, and everyone’s NMO is different. Believe me, I’ve had it rough before. I hope you find the inner strength to keep fighting and that your medical team and caregivers help find a successful treatment plan for you so that your NMO can go into extensive remission.

    Comment by Christine on March 7, 2016 at 9:04 pm

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