Alana 1st Birthday


Alana turned 1 this last month I just can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. We call her our little Sweet Pea. For Pea’s 1st big Birthday party we went to The Denver Tea Room to have a tea party, we all dressed up in our Sunday best and had a great time. Alana was the bell of the ball she enjoyed walking around seeing everyone and waving her little hand around like a princess. She has been walking since she has been 10 months and has two teeth. Alana is getting to the point where she can almost run to keep up the Allen. She never has liked baby food she wants to eat what we are eating. I have to say she just adores Allen they way she looks at him and lights up when she sees him. She loves to wrestle with him and play cars with him. Allen some times will let her play cars but she mostly just chews on them. He gets very upset when they are covered in drool. They both definitely keep me on my toes and their is never a dull moment. My favorite things about Alana is she loves to cuddle and she is a total girl. She loves dressing up, shoes, and sparkly things. She is little for her age but has a very big personality! I am sad to see my little girl getting so big and growing up so fast. I love you very much my little sweet pea!

I am very blessed to have two healthy beautiful kids despite having NMO.

Mar 2016



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