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For the last three years I found a great franchise that I participate in to buy and sell my kids clothing, toys shoes and etc. It is called Just between Friends they have sales across the United States. The first year I was just a buyer and I couldn’t believe the prices on everything! Things are 50-80% from regular prices. All the items are gently used or some times brand new with tags on. I said to myself after my kids move past the 12 months size in clothing I will consign to the sale. So twice a year I sale to JBF it takes me about a week to get ready for the sale and now that I have been doing this for 3+ years I have came up with a system and figured out what it takes and how to price my items so they sale well. Once I hang up all the outfits on the hangers and secure them on the hanger so they do not fall off. I jump on the computer and login to the JBF system and enter in all my tags then I print them off and start tagging all the clothes and whatever kid’s items I need to sale. Once all my items are tagged I load all the items into the car, which is the night before I have to drop them off.


The next day I have someone watch the kids while I go drop off the items at the JBF sale. It roughly takes me an hour to put all the items on the sales floor. Since I sell items at the sale I get a free pass for myself and a guest to go shopping before the sale opens for the public. My mom comes with me to help shop and it can take us 3-4 hours shopping at this massive sale for two kids. It all depends how much stuff I need to buy and how much clothes we have to look through and shoes. I found some awesome deals on toys as well. I cannot say enough good things about going to these JBF sales it has saved me a lot of money for clothes, shoes and toys. I usually make enough money selling my items that it covers half of what I spend at the sale. Keep in mind I have not started selling my daughters clothes yet she is still in 12 month clothing. I encourage you all to spread the word about this great organization. Below is the website to see if there is a sale near you!





Sep 2016



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