Greetings and salutations!  I’m in a good mood, maybe because I’ve just returned from vacation or maybe because my Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) symptoms have taken a backseat (hopefully) to my pregnancy.  My husband and I enjoy travelling but we know that realistically we won’t get to as much as before when the baby is born.  So as our last hurray we booked a trip to St. Lucia.  Always a big sun and beach fan, I didn’t realize there was a term for this last trip, BabyMoon (a rip off of honeymoon) until Erin informed me.  She also told me about a “push gift” but I doubt I can convince my husband of that one.  St. Lucia is a stunning island with very helpful locals.  The core of the island is covered in rainforest and winding roads through and around them makes for a scenic drive.  The coastlines have either white or black sand (depending if you’re close to the sulphur springs) but always pleasant on the feet.  Rich with spices like nutmeg, basil and curry, the island was inhabited by the British, French and the Africans.

Finally getting a chance to relax, we discussed what our birth plan was and some might argue more importantly, our after plan.  Right now I think of NMO as a monster in my closet.  I know it’s in there, I know it’s waiting for the right moment to jump out and wreck everything and in the mean time I hope I’ve put all preventative measures in place to battle its ugly head when it finally shows up.


So amongst the beautiful rainforest, the white sand beaches and the catamaran trips I acknowledge your existence NMO monster and I beg you to be merciful.


Currently on 20 mg of Prednisone everyday, 600 mg of Gabapentin and a whack bunch of vitamins, I hope it’s enough to manage the NMO.  A little extra secret but Prednisone actually increases your blood sugar level (amongst a whole bunch of other evils).  With a history of diabetes in my family and the prednisone it was inevitable that I’d also get Gestational Diabetes with this pregnancy.  So there I am, enjoying the beautiful sun in Castries, St. Lucia…and I’m on a controlled diet.  Will I ever get a break?!  It can always get worse but truthfully, I really struggled eating responsibly while on vacation.

Many of you have asked for pregnancy pictures.  Admittedly, I haven’t had time to get them done professionally but here’s a few from our vacation.